Vestibulum non purus ac nulla

Middle Eastern and North African cuisine expert Anissa Helou’s latest cookbook addresses the food of the Islamic world by explaining the seasoning and ingredients each culinary region relies on. Evan Kleiman’s favorite part of Helou’s book? The first chapter is all about the bread. In many cookbooks, Kleiman notes, the section on bread will come at the back of the text because it is considered supplemental to the meals.

For many of us, Thanksgiving isn’t complete without turkey, sweet potatoes and pie, or crudité to start the meal. Dorie Greenspan, author of the new cookbook “Dorie’s Cookies,” is making a pitch for savory cookies. Give your guests a little something to nibble on before the main event with these savory rosemary-Parmesan cookies. Flaky, nutty and full of flavor, they’re the perfect accompaniment to a crisp glass of white wine or a flute of champagne.

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